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Financial Data Management at Insignis, Inc.…

Insignis offers a family of related data collection and aggregation services for the financial industry. Our services are constructed with several key points in mind:

  • Good decisions require good data.
  • Effective operations require timely, accurate, and low-cost data.
  • Outstanding client service is central to assuring timely response to data issues.

Insignis provides each of these key elements.

At the core of every Insignis service is the automated collection, aggregation, and management of financial data, including data on complex instruments such as exchanged-traded futures and options on futures, OTC swaps and swaptions, and foreign exchange spot and forward contracts. Insignis automates electronic data-feeds from multiple financial institutions on behalf of our clients. In addition to processing the data, Insignis provides our clients with web-interfaces, which support business-specific data processes ranging from data validation and reconciliation to account splitting. The resultant aggregated data can be delivered in a variety of formats including actionable reports delivered through the web or e-mail and files formatted for input into application systems for performance, risk, reporting, attribution, and reconciliation.

Why Outsourced Data Aggregation?…

Increasingly, financial institutions are interacting with a multitude of associated financial organizations. Most often, each of these associated financial institutions provides one or more streams of data that must be integrated into internal operations. For example, pension plans may interact with multiple investment managers, one or more custodians, and a consultant. Investment managers may interact with multiple custodians, futures brokers, clearing houses, and counterparties. Plan consultants may interact with many custodians, investment managers, and mutual funds.

To address these many-to-one interactions, Insignis builds translators that automate the aggregation of data. Each translator is a custom-designed data processor which cleanses the incoming data and converts the data into the standard Insignis format. Because of the high degree of automation and re-use, Insignis is able to leverage significant economies of scale for translator development and maintenance, network and computer operation, database design and operation, web-development, and data security. As a result, we can deliver timely, accurate data, formatted for each client's applications for a fraction of the cost.

Unique Characteristics…

  • Yes, our data is timely (that's expected).
  • Yes, our data is accurate (that's expected).
  • Yes, our data is delivered at low-cost (that's expected).

The Insignis team consistently goes beyond these benchmarks to deliver unique value:

First, our extensive experience with complex financial instruments enables our team to extract data on such instruments, even from outdated application platforms. As modern investment strategies (such as hedge funds and portable alpha) increasingly include significant positions in futures, currency overlays, and swaps, Insignis' expertise in such derivatives provides the accuracy that is required to monitor and assess these complex instruments.

Second, Insignis' services do not stop at our client's doorstep. The Insignis team recognizes that our clients' back-offices have many ancillary data processes. Each of these data processes is an opportunity for added cost or error. We actively listen to our clients for opportunities to automate such processes resulting in increased back-office productivity, effectiveness, and job-satisfaction. Consequently, more of the time of our client's operational staff is available for adding increased value to their clients.

Third, we have an intense focus on client service. We recognize that data issues can prevent our clients from delivering outstanding service to their clients. To address this issue, we are organized to provide the high level of service that is required to address the inevitable data issues. As a result, our clients meet more deadlines, incur less stress, and have the time & energy to deliver more value to their clients.

In short, our intent is to have every client be a positive reference for our services!

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